Hi my name is Roberto Johansson

I was born in Brazil of Danish parents and came to Denmark at the age of 9
My first instrument was an accordion I got from my mother. It was bigger than meand we did not get on well together.


I began with piano lessons and bought mig first minimoog synthesizer
Then I started out as a musician and played with numerous bands, over the years followed by work as sound engineer, producer, composer, studio musician and sound designer, for many well known artists


For the past 20 years I have worked exclusively  as producer, sound designer and composer
for a large number of advertising agency and production companies
with thousands of productions running through the pipe line.

I am grateful and look forward to be able to help and assist you please visit my contact page "thank you "

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ROBERTO JOHANSSONRoberto Johansson Frank  Lise JohanssonRoberto Johansson

In my spare time, I work with my daughter K.Elouise
feel welcome to listen to her first demo right here


Roberto king diamond